Transformation Coaches

C&S Fitness transformation coaches are dedicated, educated & motivated to get you the best possible results in the quickest and most efficient way.

We have several coaches and are continually looking to improve our all rounded experience & education.

We have very high success rate in many different fields in the fitness industry including Sports Massage, Mindset & Life coaching, Professional Athletes & definately more importantly coaches that have experienced struggles, hurdles & normal daily lives – this gives a real insight to how and what normal and busy men just like yourself encounter.

Types Of Results

The results created by C&S Fitness are sustainable results due to the education & accountability group that is within our programmes & private members area on Facebook. We have created a community in which there is only ONE desire – to get REAL results!

In ONLY 6 weeks guys have been experiencing 10-20 inches lost around the waist!

In fact for us it isn’t always about the physical change when it comes to being successful. We have guys who started with us with no confidence and now feel confident to take their shirts off at the beach.

Reduced my weight from 105.8Kg to 99.9Kg

Because of a back injury I gained 2.5 stone in weight. I was unable to conduct the level and intensity of exercise…

Posted by Wayne Byles on Sunday, 17 June 2018

What We Offer

So C&S Fitness offer a variety of different programmes – All dependant on YOUR needs, demands & most importantly YOUR WHY.

We offer transformation packages and monthly memberships all offering UNLIMITED group personal training (40+p/week to choose from).  We are open 7 DAYS a week.

We focus on all the different aspects of your journey from training, nutrition, mindset, life coaching, habitual changes, accountability & technique workshops.  

Once you become a member of C&S Fitness you get access to your own transformation coach 24/7 and have access to everything we offer.

You will never look back!

How We Got Here

C&S Fitness – Mens Health were founded in January 2018 after delivery outstanding results to guys in and around Bridgwater Town in there local parks.

C&S Fitness then decided to take what they knew was an incredible and comfortable way for guys to get results inside so invested their savings to a facility in Bridgwater.

Since having this facility they have increased facility size twice and are now increasing by moving in the Men’s Health (30+) population to increase the local communities health and wellbeing.

C&S Fitness started in the field and to remind themselves of where they come they run an annual C&S Games event for their current members which comprises of outdoor events like log carrying, tyre flipping and team building games.

? MUST Share VIDEO ? Men's Health Pyramids

⛔️ Attention MEN Of Bridgwater ⛔️ (Over 30 Years Old Only) ? Would YOU Be Interested in getting shape ready for YOUR summer holiday away with the family⁉️ ? Haven't started January the way you intended⁉️ ?? Still PLENTY of TIME ⏱ #candsfitnessmenshealth #menshealth #candsfitness #results #grouppersonaltraining

Posted by C&S Fitness - Men's Health on Friday, 9 February 2018

⭐️ Weekend Workout ⭐️ ? So it’s been a tough, challenging & fun week for the guys - but all have achieved so much it such a little amount of time ? ? We have had 10 guys do our 7 days programme and they have all loved it ? ✅ New 7 day for £7 trial coming out very soon ✅ Simon PS: No BS, No Mirrors and you have to be over 35 years old ❤️ #candsfitness #bridgwaterfitness #somersetfitness #results #mensonly #menshealth #candsfitnessmenshealth #personaltraining

Posted by C&S Fitness - Men's Health on Friday, 1 June 2018

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